BMI was founded in  2005. The company quickly established itself as an innovative motor, drive and Motion control Engineering & Distribution Company, delivering products to customers with critical application requirements. Engineers, product/system designers, end users and original equipment manufacturers covering a diverse range of industrial applications and niche markets rely on the performance of the our products manufactures by premier manufactures.

We have developed a history and reputation within the industrial OEM and MRO marketplace for being knowledgeable, knowable, friendly people with whom customers and manufacturers want to partner.

We offer a wide range of Factory Automation Components including Motors & Drives, Servo motors and Servo drives ,  Micro-stepping Motors, Miniature DC Motors, Linear Motors, Motion Controls, PLC, Industrial PCs, Embedded PCs, HMI, Linear Motion Guides, Servo Gearboxes, Combined Bearings & Profiles, Screw Jacks , Encoders etc.

We provide the necessary application engineering & value added services to implement the automation solutions. Our application engineering team is well trained and experienced for designing a reliable and profitable solution for you. Our application engineering expertise can provide the flexibility you need, especially for most complex applications. With innovative solutions from BMI, you can expect an optimal integration of automation components to suit your tasks.

We also take up complete projects towards innovative, customized, turn-key solutions. We have developed special purpose systems including customization & system software in important projects and have provided line integration as well.

Most complex Projects and Excellent Service at Lower Cost

BMI has completed many large projects with different clients including several Fortune 500 companies. Some of them are extremely complex engineering projects

Our completed projects cover a wide range of scopes and complexity. Repeat business is our best marketing tool.

BMI works closely our clients to bring modern technology to existing and new processes.

Our unique experience and level of engineering knowledge is a key competitive advantage of BMI

Lower engineering costs are realized through low rates combined with superior technical and project execution skills.