Our  products used to power production equipment such as indexing machinery to others that turn raw materials like plastic into finished building products. Our motor products are made to perform and provide solutions for OEMs construction and building product companies.


We are providing our motors based on MIL-DTL-17060G (SH), MIL-S-901D Grade “A” shock, Marine Duty IEEE 841 and IEEE45.  Our Motors are controlling radar antennas (land & shipboard), valve actuators, rotary compressors, fire retardant pumps and ventilation pumps. Also our larger Brushless motors for Steering Gear, Kingpost, Padeye, Rudder Control, Advance Gun System, Test Stands and various Winches. Our PM and Brushless motors are recognized products by the US Navy and DOD.

Material Handling

We are carrying efficient, innovative motor products providing effective solutions for all types of material handling applications. From powering winch operation on large shoveling equipment to others that move raw materials of all types through manufacturing, packaging and warehouse processes and then onto transportation to its final customer designation.


From exploration to processing, transportation and delivery, We  provide products to maintain a continuous flow-through vital to this market. Many petro-chemical OEMs and end-users use our motors and drives to help them insure full supply lines to their customers.

Power Generation

We provide variety of motor-drive products  used in alternative energy power generation systems. We supply standard and custom motors utilized by end users and OEM customers. Our motors uses innovative technologies to produce motor products to help improve energy efficiency and provide top performance for power generation solutions.

Power Transmission

Our  products for demanding electro-mechanical, power transmission applications. OEMs and end users know  our motors deliver effective performance, are designed to eliminate down-time, provide long term service and reduce costly maintenance.

Wire & Cable

We provide motors and multidrive solutions for wire and cable industry. We are large experience with applications such as interlock armouring machines, Single Twist and Double Twist stranders , High speed  winders,

Pulp & Paper, Packaging and Printing

One of the key industry we are extensively involved is pulp and paper, packaging and printing. We have tremendous success with many motor-drive and motion controller application with paper and packaging industry. We have done some very complex applications in the past and we are currently serving a large OEMs and multinational end-users.

Waste Water

Water/wastewater facilities require complex systems to perform efficiently while also meeting the challenge of rising energy costs. That’s exactly where  we can help. Did you know, for example, that controlling pump speed with a VFD rather than water flow through throttling valves can cut energy use in half with just a 20% reduction in speed?

We’re incredibly proud to serve the people dedicated to providing our communities with clean, reliable drinking water and disposing of wastewater in a safe and sustainable manner.

Whether we’re applying the latest VFD technology to reduce your energy costs or installing an Uninterrupted Power Supply system to ensure maximum uptime, we have the solutions, the creativity and the expertise to meet your operational goals.

We offer a wide range of drives, low & medium voltage distribution, MCCs, switchgear, transformers and UPSs, all integrated to work together.

Renewable Energy


Our extensive product line for solar energy applications has been developed with the same base technology as its industry-leading industrial AC drives; its approach has already resulted in tens of gigawatts of power control being delivered.  


We provide turnkey – fully equipped induction and permanent magnet AC generators for Windmill applications

Generating power from wind is, in principle, a simple process. In practice, it requires state-of-the-art technology – the kind that we provide through our exclusive partnership with  our partners. Together, we bring years of experience, extensive product knowledge and today’s most innovative renewable energy technologies to your wind power project.

In addition to power control system design and integration, we provide regenerative power converters and inverters that can be used in various wind turbine applications, as well as in testing and development systems.