AC Motors –Low voltage
AC Motors – Medium voltage
Permanent Magnet motors( Up to 1000Hp)
Brushless AC and DC motors(Up to 1000HP)
High speed motors (Up to 40000 rpm)
DC motors ( Up to 100000Hp)
VFD duty vector and inverter motors
Water cooled motors
Electric Vehicle motors
Specility motors
Military , Navy and Nuclear duty motors
Submarine motors
Explosion proof Motors
Submersible and immiscible motor


Low voltage Drives
Medium voltage drives
Multi-Drive system (AC and DC)
Line Regen Drive system(LV and MV)
Motion Control products
Servo drive
Multi axis motion controllers

Gear boxes

Precision planetary gear boxes, Helical, Worm, Parallel shaft, Differential gear boxes ..


Incremental, Absolute, hiperface, SSI Sincoder, Explosion proof encoder